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"Palm Kernals" -> Crushed - > Palm Oil: The reason why so many of our closest cousins are killed. This is used as Bio Fuel or Cooking Oil. The oil is usually hidden under the umbrealla of Vegetable Oil. I'm working on a personal mission to help the workers learn about why Orangutans are known as our close relatives and to learn to understand and say no to Palm Oil Plantations, Mining and Illegal Logging. The irony is, those that decide where to mine, after paying money on tests and local research are generally wealthy enough to start with. The locals get paid daily rates just enough to survive. Yet the land and landscape is destroyed by these greedy scavengers from a beautiful lush green rain forest and the home of native animals to a dump yard. All for the sake of money! But to regrow, this land will take more than a lifetime to grow to its orginal state, if possible that is.

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